When to get a second opinion.

Post image - When to get a second opinion.
The above embryos are from Day 5 after fertilization.

While these blasts look fantastic, they were a pleasant surprise as this couple only got 1-2 blasts per cycle (of moderate quality) previously at another clinic. The couple decided to get a second opinion and we took a different approach this cycle. The result was completely different.

This post is not to advertise the improvements we saw at our clinic, but to highlight the benefit of having a second opinion in IVF treatment. After 2 average failed cycles the couple were told to “try again, repeat, it takes time.” They decided they wanted to try a new approach and are delighted they did. IVF can be performed many ways and some patients may not always get the answer they are looking for at their current clinic. The idea behind IVF Explained  is to help give you a more medical and scientific perspective into this complicated field and to encourage you to ask questions when you don't understand something.

We're glad the couple decided to get a different perspective and not repeat the same protocol while expecting different results. In this case, the change gave a significantly different outcome