The Embryo Biopsy

Post image - The Embryo Biopsy

It seems almost a majority of cycles lately consider the use of PGT to test the embryo prior to transfer. What was once a very low utilized technique, PGT has largely become a routine add on given the lower cost and improved results in pregnancies over time. While PGT may not dramatically increase pregnancy rates, it does give some comfort that miscarriage rates do drop.

The picture above shows separation of the embryo and the almost 5-7 cells biopsied off using the laser. It is a super simple procedure and in the right hands almost zero cell loss can be achieved. The idea is to minimize harm to the cells remaining while collecting a small number that can give a clean signal. Too few and there may be no result. Too many there may be harm to the embryo remaining. The embryo biopsy is definitely for highly experienced embryologists and it can take a lot of practice to be highly trained.